What type of travel agency is HolidayTed?

HolidayTed is a travel agency exclusively for toys of all types, coming from all areas of the globe.

What type of toy can be sent on a HolidayTed trip?

HolidayTed accepts all toys as long as they can fit in a box no bigger than 210 x 180 x 120 mm in dimensions. And must weigh no more than 5kg (packaging included).

Can several toys travel on the same trip?

This is not possible. Each toy is a separate traveller and will need to have its own ticket for the trip.

What type of payment does HolidayTed accept?

HolidayTed proceeds with payment via PayPal. Upon acknowledgement of the order request, toy travelers will receive a secure payment link to proceed with payment for confirmation. Payment must be made in full before sending the toy.

What is included in the price of the trips?

Toy travelers pay for the trip from the meeting point to the destination chosen. Their owners have access to a password protected blog in order to follow their adventure online. When returning home, toys will receive a personalised postcard as a souvenir of their trip with HolidayTed.

How do toy travelers get to the meeting point?

Owners are entirely responsible for organizing and paying for the return trip between their respective homes and the meeting point. We strongly recommend that you protect your beloved toy by insuring your shipment.

Can I cancel my trip if necessary?

Toy owners can cancel the trip up to the day before departure. The price of the trip will be reimbursed if cancelled on time. However, the fee for the return trip back home will be maintained.

Please review our refund policy for any further information.

Are travelling toys safe with HolidayTed?

HolidayTed is dedicated to guaranteeing a safe trip to all travelling toys. Each toy is treated with care and given the best attention. They become our treasure during the entire time of their stay until they are safely home.

How can we contact HolidayTed?

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to the organisation of trips for toys, you may send an email to